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Unified Capabilities  -  Secure IP Switching with More Quality and Less Complexity
Guaranteed voice and video delivery over IP
Layer 3 QoS implementations often lose integrity during prolonged congestion periods. With four strict-priority queues for time-sensitive traffic, DNE makes sure you can be seen and heard.
Differentiate users and applications within a service class
Layer 3 devices are configured to treat all traffic equally within a service class. DNE can configure additional policies that will police flow rates and set discard probabilities for streams within a service class without impacting switch throughput.
Move IP complexity from Operator to the equipment
Establishing IP service quality is a technical skill and lack of qualified professionals can lock users into a "one size fits all" traffic policy. DNE's intuitive user interface allows operators to pick the best policy for their mission in "two clicks."
Transport legacy and C2 traffic over IP
Command Operations are demanding the command and control data be accessed further from the sensors and controllers. IP backbones are being called upon to carry the load. Can you trust your network today? Call DNE to be sure.
Mark or modify DSCP values on the fly
Organizations use different conventions to assign DiffServe Code Point values to applications. DNE remarks DSCP values, or any other Ethernet and IP field, on the fly, to achieve interoperability.
Multiple IP networks carrying real-time and priority traffic are being consolidated to reduce complexity and improve efficiency.  The challenge for Unified Capabilities is  to improve efficiency  without disrupting  time-sensitive communications or fielding network gear that is too complex to reconfigure.

PacketAssure, DNE's intelligent Layer 2 switching solution, guarantees that critical traffic will arrive on-time, regardless of network congestion. PacketAssure's eight class of service queues and network processors can police, mark, redirect, or block packets before queuing, delivering assured LAN switching at line speed over Gigabit Ethernet links.  All this traffic management power can be wasted without an intuitive user interface that enables operators without extensive training to configure these capabilities quickly.  The PacketAssure permits operators to select traffic policies from a graphical interface to make immediate changes in traffic flow without impacting Layer 3 devices.  

Unified Capabilities solutions from DNE scale from PacketAssure switch products to IP Switched Systems that include assured Layer 2 switching, PoE Ethernet access, Type 1 shelves, system management controllers,  timing receivers, and more.  There is a DNE IP Switched System configuration to meet your requirement.
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