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Tactical Fiber  -  Extending Baseband Signals to Transmission Terminals
Integrated TRI-TAC and Ethernet media conversion
Tactical radios today are a mixture of the old and the new. DNE offers a standard, one RU integrated package that supports Ethernet and TRI-TAC modems without external power supplies and special bracketing.
Extended drive distance for single and multi-mode fiber
Whether you require a 4 km multi-mode fiber run or a 15 km single-mode run, DNE Universal Converter Modules can meet the mission.
TRI-TAC ports can multiplex or be standalone modems
Rolling fiber between the command post and transmission equipment is time consuming. DNE protocol converters allow users to pick between standalone operation or picking from eight aggregate data rates to multiplex circuits over a single fiber cable on a channel basis with the same interface modules.
CTM-100, MD-1272, Canoga Perkins 2270 replacements
Proprietary modems have led to interoperability issues across systems. DNE offers interoperability features in their modems to remove interoperability barriers so that Operations Centers can be simplified and modem configurations standardized.

New technology is being introduced into tactical communications at an increasing rate.  Yet, communication platforms are being upgraded in a singular fashion that requires old equipment to operate with the new.  In this environment, it is important to select a tactical modem platform that supports a variety of technologies and  adapts to future communication architectures.  DNE's CV-MCU2+ Protocol Converter is designed with the required versatility to grow your fiber communications into the future.

The CV-MCU2+ Universal Converter Module is software configured to operate as a bank of standalone modems or as a 4-to-1 multiplexer.  Each port may be individually configured to be a mux aggregate, mux port, or standalone modem.  Users may select from NRZ, Balanced CDI, Unbalanced CDI, or fiber to configure physical interfaces. The same CV-MCU2+ platform supports bridging of 10/100 Base-T Ethernet to 100-FX Ethernet.

The CV-MCU2+ may be purchased as a modem/multiplexer product, with a variety of tactical panels to adapt tactical connectors (including expanded beam), or as an element in an IP Switched System.

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