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Router-less Battalion  -  Add Intelligence and Bandwidth Management to Remote VLANs
Routing and Applications pulled from Regiment or Brigade

Battalions use a single link to upper echelons. LAN switching reduces complexity and the requirement for skilled technicians to operate Layer 3 equipment. DNE's Service Delivery Managers close the gap between Layer 2 and 3 with quality of service and VLAN management features.

Equipment can be operated by transmission specialists

DNE Service Delivery Management permits libraries of controlled IP traffic policies to be stored on a PacketAssure. Implementing the desired policy is a "point and click" operation that is easily handled by a Transmission Specialist.

Integrated TRI-TAC and Ethernet media conversion

Tactical radios today are a mixture of the old and the new. DNE offers a standard, one RU integrated package that supports Ethernet and TRI-TAC modems without external power supplies and special bracketing.

Removes requirement for radio multiplexer/router

Historically radio transmission platforms include a multiplexer to combine user streams before passing to the radio for transmission. The equipment involved manages a mix of serial and Ethernet traffic. Regardless of the link format, PacketAssure can combine it in a format that's compatible with the radio.

Unique IP traffic policies per virtual network

Converged IP networks group users with diverse needs under one traffic policy. Does the command post want the same traffic policy as a logistics unit? With DNE's PacketAssure, policies may be tailored to users' unique needs to improve productivity and network experience.

The promise of IP networking was a reduction in complexity and the number of skilled technicians required to deploy tactical networks.  Yet operation of IP routers requires technicians with extensive training to assure service continuity.   There are many enclaves that do not require routing where network extension can be managed by a less complex device.

PacketAssure Service Deliver Manager, DNE's assured LAN switching product, delivers a predictable and productive network experience without the complexity of a Layer 3 device.  Enhanced VLAN switching maintains separation between user networks.  The use of pre-defined service templates and class of service profiles relieve  the complexity of traffic management for the operator.  DNE protocol converters integrate fiber modems that can drive Ethernet 100-FX and TRI-TAC synchronous signals to IP and synchronous radios when required.  CV Protocol Converters offer tactical panels for TFOCA or Expanded Beam fiber environments.

Router-less Battalion solutions from DNE scale from PacketAssure switch products to IP Switched Systems that include assured Layer 2 switching, protocol converters, PoE Ethernet access, Type 1 shelves, system management controllers, timing receivers, and more.  There is a DNE IP Switched System configuration to meet your requirement.

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