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IP over BLOS Radio  -  A Predictable Network Experience that Adapts to the Conditions
Auto IP Policy realignment on Tropo radio rate change

Changeable atmospheric conditions can cause troposcatter radio to reduce link speed to improve link quality. How quickly will your traffic policies adapt? With DNE PacketAssure's dynamic connection access control, new traffic policies will be invoked automatically.

IP traffic management over constrained IP or legacy radio links

Layer 3 QoS implementations often lose integrity during prolonged congestion periods. With eight priority queues and pre-queuing policing and marking, DNE makes sure you can be seen and heard and that the most important data requests return promptly.

Change of mission data traffic policies in “two clicks”

Suddenly there's a "man down" or your satellite connection has been downsized. How fast can your network respond? How willing is your CO to modify an IP router configuration? With DNE, two clicks and a new traffic policy is in place.

Integrated TRI-TAC and Ethernet media conversion

Tactical radios today are a mixture of the old and the new. DNE offers a standard, one RU integrated package that supports Ethernet and TRI-TAC modems without external power supplies and special bracketing.

Unique IP traffic policies per virtual network

Converged IP networks group users with diverse needs under one traffic policy. Does the command post want the same traffic policy as a logistics unit? With DNE's PacketAssure, policies may be tailored to users unique needs to improve productivity and network experience.

The scarcity of beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) bandwidth is a constant challenge to the warfighter as military satellite capacity and the availability of new technologies have lagged behind the ever-growing demand.  Converged networks and the high likelihood of experiencing network congestion heighten the requirement for IP traffic management to preserve quality of service.  This increases the complexity of network operations.  Weather and on-demand technology are additional dimensions that complicate traffic management on BLOS communication links.

PacketAssure, DNE's assured LAN switching product, can make service quality and the warfighter's network experience more predictive and productive without the complex configuration of a Layer 3 device.  The performance of the DNE solution does not degrade with prolonged congestion periods and offers unmatched granularity in defining and prioritizing service classes.  The use of pre-defined service templates and class of service profiles relieves the complexity of traffic management for the operator.  PacketAssure's automatic rate detection and traffic policy adjustment feature optimizes the efficiency of radios that adjust link rates to preserve link quality without operator involvement. DNE protocol converters integrate fiber modems that can drive Ethernet 100-FX and TRI-TAC synchronous signals to IP and synchronous radios when required.

IP over BLOS solutions from DNE scale from PacketAssure switch products to IP Switched Systems that include assured Layer 2 switching, protocol converters, PoE Ethernet access, Type 1 shelves, system managment controllers, timing receivers, and more. There is a DNE IP Switched System configuration to meet your requirement.

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