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Enterprise  -  Set and Enforce Service Level Agreements for your Enterprise Users
Premium Converged-WAN services

While VoIP has greatly advanced computer telephony, the clarity of voice telecommunications remains critical to organizational effectiveness. For this reason, many corporations partition voice and data networks. Today, DNE's Service Delivery Management retains the reliable, predictable quality of a partioned network with the efficiencies of convergence.

Equitable cost sharing based on service level agreements
Most enterprise networks offer network resources on a "first come - first served" basis. Service Delivery Management allows network administrators to apply service level agreements internally, so that everybody gets what they paid for.
Unique IP traffic policies per virtual network
"One Size Fits All" IP traffic management robs enterprises' productivity. DNE Service Delivery Management lets each business unit decide the priority and resource for each service class
Easy Configuration without extensive training

Establishing IP service quality is a technical skill and lack of qualified professionals can lock users into "One Size Fits All" traffic policy. DNE's Service Policy Wizard guides administrators through configuration of optimum policies for your network.

Implement traffic policy by time-of-day

Hour by hour, the demands on your network changes. Markets open and voice traffic surges. Markets close and data transfer becomes key. DNE Service Delivery Managers allow administrators to define IP traffic policies based on the time of day.

While some think, "Bandwidth is free," organizations with data networks that span the globe understand just how false that can be at times.  Popular thinking that converged voice and data services require slack bandwidth to assure service quality is maintained has hindered converged implementations.  Service Delivery Management is technology that permits essential services to travel with the lowest possible latency, regardless of the level of congestion of your network links, and to boost the utilization of your leased bandwidth.

PacketAssure, DNE's intelligent Layer 2 switching solution, delivers the promise of converged data networking without adversely impacting your network administration cost.  With eight class of service (COS) queues and a network processor that can police, mark, redirect, or block packets before queuing, PacketAssure will guarantee that critical traffic arrives on-time, regardless of network congestion.  Easy implementation of this traffic management power is achieved with an intuitive user interface that enables operators without extensive training to configure these capabilities quickly.

DNE Technologies is best known for data communication solutions that serve US defense forces.  The PacketAssure iQ1000e is a fully commercial product and is free from all US State Department ITAR controls.
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