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Cyber Security  -  Keep Your Network Running Through Thick and Thin
Access Control


PacketAssure’s Access Control functionality can be used not only for packet filtering but also to select types of traffic to be processed, forwarded, discarded, or sent to an alarm log, thereby creating a sophisticated user-definable firewall.

Traffic Shaping & Policing

PacketAssure traffic shaping and policing features control access to available bandwidth, ensuring that priority flows conform to their pre- established policies, even when under attack. 

DoS Attack Prevention

In addition to port blocking, the PacketAssure also contains a built-in hardware protocol checker for security applications, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.  This allows operators to check and drop packets based on configurable conditions, prior to packet processing.

Defense, utility and finance industries require continuous availability to world-wide networks to meet operational requirements. But with the rise of real-time online services, from VoIP to streaming video and file exchange, there is constant contention for prioritized availability of network resources. Priority traffic must always get through no matter what other services are operating. DNE’s PacketAssure solutions strictly enforce Layer 2 Quality of Service controls over IP networks ensuring that essential communications get through no matter what the network load. PacketAssure’s intelligent, adaptive algorithms prioritize traffic in real time, shaping the resulting flow to maximize efficiency, throughput and availability to end users.

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