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Cyber Security : Keep Your Network Running Through Thick and Thin
Across the globe an explosion of cyber attacks on information systems has resulted in significant disruption to government, industrial, and civilian assets, driving financial and data losses worldwide. The DNE PacketAssure can be deployed to ensure that essential capabilities are maintained, even during Denial of Service attacks.
Unified Capabilities : Secure IP Switching with More Quality and Less Complexity
Multiple IP networks carrying real-time and priority traffic are being consolidated to reduce complexity and improve efficiency. Yet, the challenge of realizing efficiency without disrupting time-sensitive communications has proven daunting. The complexity of using statistical models to manage IP traffic is causing some to rethink "Everything over IP" architectures. PacketAssure solutions achieve bandwidth management and interoperability objectives while removing technology complexity.
Tactical Fiber : Extending Baseband Signals to Transmission Terminals
Tactical communications has experienced a flood of new technologies yielding faster, more intelligent networks. Even with this investment, new platforms are expected to bridge legacy assets into the network. It is important to choose a tactical fiber optic modem that can support newer protocols and still retain interoperability with TRI-TAC assets. DNE's CV MCU2+ supports Ethernet media conversion, multiplexing, and TRI-TAC fiber and CDI modem functions in a 1RU chassis.
IP over BLOS Radio : A Predictable Network Experience that Adapts to the Conditions
Procurement and management of beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) IP bandwidth is a challenge for network planners of secure military communications. Congestion, how to transport critical, synchronous data, and variable radio link margins can frustrate network users. DNE PacketAssure solutions deliver quality, predictable IP services that adapt to changing link conditions while relieving operators of the complexity of technology.
Router-less Battalion : Add Intelligence and Bandwidth Management to Remote VLANs
The promise of IP networking was a reduction in complexity and the number of skilled techicians required to deploy tactical networks. Yet operation of IP routers require technicians with extensive training to assure service continuity. There are military IP enclaves that pull services from adjacent network nodes that do not require routing and can be handled with a less complex device.
Enterprise : Set and Enforce Service Level Agreements for your Enterprise Users
Global enterprise networks constantly struggle with balancing the cost of long-haul and international bandwidth against a rising demand for corporate communications. How can network operators be certain that the most important data is being transported and that individual business units get a fair share of network resources. DNE's PacketAssure Solutions offer network operators an easy tool for setting and enforcing IP traffic policies for each virtual private network (VPN) on the network.
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