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Protocol Converters

What is a Protocol Converter?

DNE’s Protocol Converters offer a universal means of tactical circuit extension, expanding drive distances of commercial communications equipment up to 50 km over fiber.  

Key benefits to using a Protocol Converter

  • Perform numerous conversions in a single unit:  RF over fiber, Ethernet over fiber, Serial (Non-Return to Zero) over CDI (Conditioned Diphase), Serial over fiber, and CDI over fiber
  • Aggregate over 20Mbps of serial traffic from up to four trunk group sources and interface types onto a single interface for efficient transport
  • Emulate multiple legacy converter devices, including the AN/GSC-54, MD-1272, Canoga Perkins, and CV-8448, through software selection to replace an array of equipment types with a single device
Protocol Converters
Converter chassis supporting a variety of conversion modules, including SATCOM L-Band IF to fiber, Ethernet 10/100 Base-T to fiber, NRZ to fiber, CDI to fiber.
Versamux 4000
Designed as a fixed configuration 4:1 multiplexer, combining four channels of CDI or fiber onto a single channel of NRZ at data rates up to 16.384 Mbps.
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