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PacketAssure iQ1000e
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High performance, Layer 2 switching platform optimized for voice, video and data traffic management

Easy add-on to existing architectures; assures secure, extended capacity for long service life to multiple user domains on a single platform.

Precise traffic management and control for strict adherence to committed information rates and bursts

Create and enforce Service Level Agreements with a few clicks of the mouse.

Sophisticated management tools make thousands of service classifiers and policies available via configuration wizards and templates

Quickly create custom operator interfaces, tailored specifically to provider and end user requirements, with minimally incremental training.

Flexible, modular platform supports multiple interface types: Gigabit Ethernet, EIA-530-A and T1/E1 Transport

Enable a planned migration strategy for legacy users; expand subscriber offerings to include service interworking over IP.

Hot swappable modules and a full suite of diagnostics including built-in, per-module self tests, loopbacks and network troubleshooting utilities

Diagnose and pinpoint failures in moments; quickly isolate and replace failed modules without special tools; fast Mean time to Restore maximizes availability.

Extended environmental operating range, Mil-STD vibration & shock

Survives rough transit, storage and operation in harsh remote environments, where maximum resiliency is a must.

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