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Combat Systems Gateway Module
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Guaranteed service quality for voice, video, and synchronous data

Assure that critical bandwidth is used for priority activity and that users are as productive and responsive as possible

Microsecond switching and tunable jitter buffers deliver critical C2 data with minimum latency

Low-speed synchronous data can be delivered end to end with less than 100 msec. delay

Differentiate users and applications within a service class

Give precedence to key voice, video, and web applications to assure clarity and interactive response

Tactical interfaces that permit operation with existing communication platforms

Implement significant improvement to the quality of Unified Capabilities without costly upgrades to existing platforms

Viable IP router replacement for smaller units that pull services from upper echelon

Reduce the footprint of battalion-level communication suites and, more important, eliminate the need for high-skill IP Operators

Ability to choose and implement pre-defined traffic policies from a graphical user interface

Reduce skill level and the cost of training for IP transmission link operators

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