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Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies (“DNE”) collects information on this site intended for the sole use of DNE for the purposes of contacting our customers or interested parties for continued product and/or sales support.  This information may be, but is not limited to, Customer Information Bulletins, Upgrade Announcements, New Product Announcements, training or marketing surveys.  DNE retains all information and does not market or release this information to any other source without prior permission from the user.  DNE may share your information under the following circumstances (i) if DNE is required to do so by law enforcement authorities or government agencies, and (ii) in connection with investigations or other efforts to prevent illegal activities or pertaining to public safety.


This site may use cookies to ensure you obtain the information you request.  The cookies we pass to you are anonymous; they do not reveal your personal identity and they cannot capture private data.   These cookies establish a user session and allow DNE’s server to provide site users with the appropriate frames and content.  DNE tracks the usage of our website in order to modify the site according to our customers’ needs.


DNE also tracks the usage of the Site in order to understand what information is requested and attempt to make it easier to find in the future.

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