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Best-in-Class drive distances for fiber or copper circuit extension

Powerful, clean transmissions that not only allow improved drive distances, but that guarantee error-free operation in less than perfect environments.

Flexible Platform supporting local and remote interfaces through software control: CDI, NRZ, FOM, Ethernet, L-Band IF.

Be prepared to support any equipment configuration at the quick halt without changing your hardware or re-cabling your SEPs.

Extended Environmental Operating Range, MIL-STD vibration & shock

Built to survive rough transit, storage and operation. Designed for tough tactical environments, not an air-conditioned office.

Designed to meet all your tactical circuit extension needs with the widest range of interoperability, whether the far-side has modern or legacy equipment.

Reduction of SWAP by replacing an AN/GSC-54, an MD-1272, an CTM-100/C, an CP-2270, an L-band RF-to-Fiber Converter and an Ethernet Media Converter with a single piece of equipment.

Hot swappable modules and a full suite of diagnostics including built-in cable testers, loopbacks, and Bit Error Rate generators.

Diagnose and pinpoint field failures on moments, and quickly replace failed modules without searching for special tools.

Interface Independent multiplexing allowing the user to combine up to four trunk groups onto a single run.

Minimize the cable and fiber that must be carried on each mission without limiting the ability to meet the mission.

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